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Horses with Hearts serve a diverse group of individuals including children and adults with many different special needs. Starting at the age of two and running through the senior adults, we provide services for individuals with brain tumors, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, ADHA, ADD, autism, cancer and many more.
We currently ride from April through October, excluding August. We ride in two month semester, April/May, June/July, September/October. Each individual receives six, 30 minute, sessions per semester (weather permitting). The remaining two weeks in the semester are used for make-up sessions due to weather.
Our sessions cost $180.00 per semester. We want every individual to have the opportunity to enjoy equine activities therefore we do have a scholarship program which … provides financial assistance to many of our participants.

our photo gallery below of some of our students.

Rebekah was our very first participant. She taught us so much. In this picture, she had just finished her leadline class in our first horseshow. She was so proud of her ribbon. The picture below is her riding in 2012. She brings a smile to everyone’s face! Her mom has shared thatHorses with Hearts has provided a way for Rebekah to be “normal”. When she is riding her horse (whichever one that might be at that time), she is confident and her differences are not so obvious. What better gift to give a child. Riding is something she “CAN” do. In a world full of difficulties, it something she finds easy and fun.

Brenden’s First Ride in 2010. He had very little trunk stability. With every stride, he fell forward, unable to balance himself.

Brenden just 12 weeks later.His trunk stability greatly increased and he is able to sit up.

This is Brenden in our 2012 season. Here are words from Jon, Brenden’s dad.

Since the day Brenden was born, we have been told that he won’t do this, he will need help doing that. I learned to accept this. Horses with Hearts changed that for me. I don’t put restrictions on Brenden anymore. This is the world of “can do” and that is exactly what we intend for Brenden. He “can do” anything he sets his mind to do.

Enya, this beautiful little girl wanted to learn to walk independently. She lacked trunk stability and balance.

After 2 years of riding, Enya was able to walk 10-15 feet independently. She no longer rides with us because her family moved to Maryland.

Justin rode with us for 3 years while he lived here in Martinsburg. When he started riding, he required a leader and two side-walkers.

Prior to moving back to Texas in Sept 2012, Justin had gainedenough balanceand stability that he was able to ride independently, with his leader using a loose rein and his side-walkers becoming spotters.

We have so many exciting stories. The following are some pictures along with some testimonies from our parents.

We feel so blessed to have found Horses with Hearts as the confidence that Ben has gained has helped him so much. Jessica Burdick

Chris enjoys the friendship and camaraderie of the volunteers as much as he enjoys the thrill of riding such big and powerful, yet gentle, animals. Horses with Hearts is a place he feels happy and accepted. We thank God for Horses with Hearts and the dedicated volunteers who make this experience possible for him. Mary and John Heinen

In Julianne’s words: “Just being able to be close to a horse makes me feel very happy”. Riding the horses gives Julianne a great sense of freedom, self-worth, and she looks forward to seeing them each week. Along with that, it helps Julianne in areas of physical strength, coordination, and stamina. Debbie Barrow

This is Jessica just 9 months after being diagnosed with ALL. She was going through chemo therapy in 2011. In 2012, Jessica is riding independently in the ring and a leader with a loose lead outside the ring. (see her trotting outside the ring)

Horses with Hearts has made such a difference in my 6 year old daughter’s life. In the past year I’ve watched her blossom from a shy, cautious little girl who was very hesitant to try new things into a confident, vibrant little rider. In His love, the Sweeney Family

Horses with Hearts has helped Carter gain not only physical strength but the volunteers have also given him confidence and a sense of pride in his accomplishments. It has provided him with opportunities that we will be forever thankful for. Kaitlin Hillman

Emma’s relationship with the horses is boundless and touches her in a way that can rarely be fully understood. The program has given her life joy, purpose, meaning, and an incredible experience which we are able to look forward to each week. Julie Seaton Rader

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