Ethan Testimonial

Miracles happen at Horses with Hearts during each lesson.

The importance of our work can best be described by its actual impact on the brave individuals who struggle daily to fit in, sharing for instance the positive outcomes for children such as Ethan who was born with multiple issues and challenged from the very start.

Doctors gave the baby only hours to live, but when the little fighter was still alive the next day, they decided to transport him to the University of Virginia Medical Center (UVA).  Doctors there reinforced their colleagues’ diagnosis, giving the infant a predicted life span of only a matter of hours. 

Eight years later Ethan is still defying all the odds. When the determined child returns for his medical visits at UVA, his doctor calls out the interns to watch as the boy makes his way down the hall. And as they watch, the doctor shares with them that, despite what they are seeing, Ethan physically cannot walk. 

Because Ethan does not have complete hip joints, he is incapable of walking; however, he has been riding horses and has built his core strength. With these muscles toned and strong, the child has been able to balance. This ability, coupled with a walker to assist him, enables Ethan to walk and enjoy the independence of mobility.

And this is but one of the miracles we witness every day.