Lindsey Connelly Siblings Rock Award

Through the time that Lindsey was here on earth and struggled with the effects of her cancer, she never once felt sorry for herself. However, she did recognize on every occasion the difficulties her siblings suffered because of it. She shared on every occasion possible the things her sisters and brother had to give up because of the time her care demanded from her mom. Lindsey would share that her “Siblings ROCK” because of the unselfish love they showed her. After Lindsey died, it only seemed natural to have that traditional continue. Lindsey’s mom wanted others to know how much Lindsey loved and thought of her family and wanted others to know of their sacrifices. In 2006, we established the Lindsey Connelly “Siblings Rock” Award. Each of the participant’s siblings receive a token of appreciation for the sacrifices they make for the brother(s) or sister(s).

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