Our Mission

HwH motto

Our Mission
Our mission is to achieve the following goals through equine assisted activities to individuals of all ages with any type of special need.
1. Increase muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination.
2. Encourage positive emotional behavior and social interaction.
3. Improve memory, speech and learning skills.
4. Provide a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.
5. Promote an overall sense of well-being.
6. Raise self-esteem.
7. Provide an atmosphere full of fun!

Our Future Goals

• Expand our property to include an indoor arena, outdoor arena, sensory trails, barns and office/meeting spaces
• Become a full-time therapeutic riding program
• Become an Accredited Path Intl. Center
• Work within our Public School System
• Work with our Veterans and Senior Citizens


“We must communicate hope to every person we meet, care about them, and inspire them to be better than they ever thought they could be.  Every person is a person of great value.”   MK Ash

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