2022 Horseshoe Fundraiser

For the past several years we have had several banks and local businesses support our mission through our Horseshoe Fundraiser. We appreciate each one of them and each person who has taken the time to donate.  We are getting ready to kick off our campaign for 2022.  To participate, you can go to any participating merchant, donate $1.00, and sign a card to indicate your support.  The merchants will place the support cards on walls to display the level of support for Horses with Hearts.  The list of participating merchants will grow as the fundraiser progresses, so check back again to review the list of participating merchants.  

Because of COVID, many of us are still preferring to do curbside pickup, so we have added this fundraiser to our facebook page. It’s easy and simple.  Just go to the Horses with Hearts facebook page, click on fundraisers, then click on Horse Shoe fundraiser and click to Donate.  Each Friday of this fundraiser we will post a picture of the facebook participants’ cards.

As always, it is because of our generous donors that we get to do what we do. Thanks for all your support.

2022 Participating merchants:

  • United Bank – multiple branches
  • FP Credit Union
  • Orr’s Farm Market
  • Eastern Panhandle Credit Union
  • J & D’s Club

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