Michael was orphan and was never allowed outside until he was adopted and came to live in the US. He experienced intensive fear of many things including just being outside and watching the clouds move in the sky. When he first came to Horses with Hearts, we took things very slow as you could see the fear and tenseness in his body. Over the past 2 years, we have watched Michael grow and gain so much confidence. He now arrives at the farm ready and eager to greet his horse and get on and ride. He has also overcome the fear of being close to the horse on the ground and is learning to groom and lead prior to riding. I received a message from his mom, that while on vacation at Wildwood NJ, Michael went on rides that he wouldn’t go near last year. He also did things in the water that he wouldn’t do before, diving into waves, using a boogie board on his own and actually just walking into the water when he wants to without someone holding his hand. All of this has come from the confidence he has gained while working and riding a horse at Horses with Hearts.

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