Blessed Beyond Measure

Saturday, July 24, the Horses with Hearts complex was hit with a really bad storm. It took down our rented tent and destroyed the one we borrowed for our Horse Power Summer Camp. On my way to the farm early Sunday morning to assess the damage and figure out what was needed to get things back for the camp Monday morning, I heard this story on the radio (now understand I might not have all the details correct but here is the gist).

The lady was talking about how her mom had been diagnosed with ALS. They joined a family support group. As they went each month there was a gentleman there with ALS who always seemed to be upbeat and never down. She asked him how he could be suffering with this awful disease and be so positive. This was his reply:  “Some people see their glass half empty and some see it half full. I praise God every day that I have a glass!”

As I stood at the farm wondering how I was going to get this all fixed before Monday am, my glass felt really empty. Then I reflected on that story and I Praised God that I had a glass! All the horses were fine and I knew God would give me a plan to get the tents back up.

Thanks to Tim at Tri-County Rental, we got the large tent up Sunday afternoon and he and his crew showed up early Monday morning to put up a second tent to replace the one we had borrowed.
Tom and Emelia were there to put the fence up around it and we were up and running for camp by 9:00. GOD IS GOOD!

One might say our glass is half full but all I can say is our glass is FULL and running over.

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