Leadership Adventures

Unleash your Strengths-Based Leadership Horsepower!

Have you been asking this question?

How can I tap into and unleash my talents & strengths to drive EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT?

Horses with Hearts has the answer!

We are offering the most exciting, out of the box leadership development workshops that you will have find and have the opportunity to participate in.

Course Overview:

Get safely out of your comfort zone by working with a horse to learn and apply strength-based leadership!

This is a 1-day course using the CliftonStrengths concepts to help you master proven leadership principles to know your own strengths, know the strengths of others, and empower effective teams. Participants will leave with tools, strategies, and application experience to effectively leverage their strengths and the strengths of others.


Our methodology, based on research and experience of developing leaders in more than 20 countries over 25 years, uses horses to teach strengths-based leadership concepts through low-risk, experiential learning. The course content is developed by active-status Gallup-certified Strengths Couches and distinguished horse trainers.

Attendees will learn about leading a horse, while simultaneously uncovering leadership lessons and how they relate to leading people in your organization. Half the day is spent in the classroom and half in the horse arena. Special accommodations are made for attendees not comfortable being near horses.  Horse experience is not required for this training.

Available dates are limited so email Kay today at horseswithhearts@yahoo.com to book your opportunity to Unleash your Leadership Horsepower! 

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