2021 Season has begun

It is finally spring again. And that means that the Horses with Hearts complex is again filled with volunteers and participants. April 5 was our first day back for two of our programs: riding lessons and Equine Learning and Mental Health. See the picture of Kerrigan, one of our independent riders, who rode again April 5 after taking the winter off.

Kerrigan’s mother shared: “Horses with Hearts came into our daughter Kerrigan’s life at just the right moment. Kerrigan was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 11 months old. Her journey has been anything but easy. Kerrigan started riding with HwH when she turned 3. Riding her horse has helped Kerrigan with mucus clearance from her lungs, as well as, a variety of other health-related issues stemming from this disease. As Kerrigan gets older, riding her horse has given her a sense of independence and control especially when there’s nothing she can control about her disease. Aside from the physical aspects that riding often helps, Kerrigan has gained confidence, acceptance, patience, love, and most importantly hope. The horse can put a smile on her face on even the toughest of days. Horses with Hearts is an amazing program and we are blessed to be a part of it and forever grateful. Kerrigan’s one wish is that Horses with Hearts can raise enough money to build their indoor facility someday. As she gets older and the weather gets hotter, it can get increasingly difficult for her to be outside in the heat. She hopes one day she can ride year-round without the struggles of breathing in the hot weather or missing her horse during the winter months.”

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